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Illumini is a not for profit art organisation, that provides free unique illuminating art events, for the publics enjoyment. Illumini promotes artists from any background and experience, who work with light, from visual artists’ to performers

The aim of Illumini is not just to showcase art, but is to entertain, introducing all communities that may not normally visit the arts to a different approach; many being exposed to the arts for the first time. All visitors, including families, are kept entertained by the spectacular performances. The children in particular are able to interact with not only the performers but also the actual illuminating artwork. The founder Jane Webb, believes the arts should be free and easily assessable for all, and stressed this for the 'Illumini' events. This has been reflected by the amount of people, who attended, as well as the positive comments and feedback received.

The first Event was held in an underground crypt, with illuminating art, brightening up the dark alcoves of the crypt. On the opening night 3,000 people of all ages, came to enjoy a free evening of fire performers, illuminating juggling, light shows and stilt walkers and a journey underground into the dark depths of the crypt, to explore the hidden art works illuminating their way. 7,000 guests in all enjoyed this 2 week event.

Illumini also helps promote artists and creative individuals and has an on-line directory and free resources for artists available through the website and newsletters. A large number of our artists have been given their first exposure in press and media through Illumini and gained sales and commissions. We take no commission from the artist and are a not for profit organisation, that do not charge guests at our events, because of this we need your support.

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